never enough…

“I feel that no matter how much I do, it is never enough,” I told my friend the other day.
She replied, “Welcome to modern living.”

But I knew there had to be a better way to face the daily flood of emails and opportunities for my book; there had to be a different spirit with which to attend to the million and one tasks of taking care of life and a budding new enterprise. When by the end of the day, I compare what I’ve done to all I think needs to be done, I often feel I have failed – no matter how much I’ve accomplished.

But then I remembered another conversation, from years ago. My friend Helene’s sister was very ill, and Helene told me, “No matter what I do for her, it never seems enough.” I had told her then, inspired with sage advice I am better at giving others than myself, “Only divine love is complete and sufficient. As human beings, all we can do is give our all, and live with that feeling of wanting to do more. That is what it is to love.” This touched her, and helped her some, I think.

And now it can help me, and maybe you, too. I love my work. Nothing I do for my book is enough, but now I’ve found the key: it’s not because I am insufficient, but because my love is infinite.

And a day spent in love can be no failure.

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