The truth will set us free…

Reading Lolita in Tehran,” by Azar Nafisi.  This brilliant book has overwhelmed me with this revelation: a clear, solid and reverent connection to our individual truth is the essential building block of a free society and the antidote to totalitarianism.  

 When, such as we do in circle, we create space for individual truth to be heard, spoken, valued, we are literally building a better world, and not just through the magic of vibes reaching out across the Universe.

Nafisi “fought” totalitarianism with literature classes.  It may seem insufficient to teach “The Great Gatsby” when daily public executions of innocent people were taking place, but it was the only rock she had to stand on in the flood of deception and inhumanity that was drowning her country.  The executions, and a plethora of brutality, could only occur when people no longer knew how to tell or recognize the truth, after decades of looking the other way.   

Great novels, though make-believe, tell the truth, as Nafisi well knows.  The truth evokes more truth, and in knowing it we become strong, right where we stand, wherever that is.  This is how we become and stay free and powerful – as individuals, as families, as nations.

The truth need not always be spoken.  But we always need access to it; we need to practice hearing the truth from our depths, making space for others to hear theirs, and every so often, speaking, acting, taking that necessary scary step. 

Seriously.  The world is counting on it.

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